TICK Companion

The TICK companion is designed to alert you to important developments on the TICK index chart on TradingView.



The $TICK Index compares the number of New York Stock Exchange stocks that are rising compared to the number that are falling.  The math is simple, take the number of stocks making an uptick and subtract the stocks making a downtick to get the TICK index.  It’s always based on the total number of stocks listed on the NYSE which is currently about 2800 so it is always in a range. The TICK Companion helps provide a visual of TICK readings to catch your eye when TICK readings are of interest.  Settings are completely customizable from colors to figures so you can adapt it to your trading style. Default settings work great on 2 min, 3 min, and 5 min charts.  A high TICK is greater than 600 while an extreme high TICK is greater than 1000.  Conversely, a low TICK is lower than 600 while an extreme low tick is less than 1000.  These figures can be adjusted.  Candles crossing these lines are color coded in brighter colors to grab your attention.  An EMA turns yellow with sustained high or low TICKs.  Yellow dots let you know that TICKS are hitting extremes while stars let you know when to watch out for a reversal.


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